In Defense of Old Fat Firemen Who Drink and Smoke…

Posted: November 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

IMG_5256 (1)

By Brian Butler

Let’s not get this new “health and fitness in the fire service” phenomenon twisted…

I am approaching middle-age- and I don’t smoke. I work out 3-4 days a week because I like to. Occasionally I eat wings, pizza and drink . But some of the best firemen I know do not work out or diet. They are a combination of overweight, chubby, middle-aged, smokers etc… Some have construction jobs on the side that require an 8 hour day of labor that most gym rat millennial’s couldn’t handle. They also work harder at fires (sometimes w a cigarette dangling out of their mouth) and are better at their job than many younger fitness gurus by far. They’re also the last people you’ll ever see at the EMS station after a fire. This fire service myth that being in shape makes you a better firefighter is ridiculous.

You want to work out, go to a gym. You want to eat right, go diet. But it isn’t going to make you a better firefighter. In fact, the fat smoker who never wore his SCBA doing overhaul for 25 years may outlive many of us.

The health argument is encouraging and thank you (like we don’t have common sense and need 10 course offerings at conferences on fitness to substitute fire-related subjects, I mean hey it used to be a “FIRE” conference right?)

Yes fitness and diet are more likely to make you a “healthier” person, we know that, but that doesn’t automatically make someone a great firefighter. Just say’n

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